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Customer Website Terms

I. Definitions

Contact Form: Is a form built into a web page that allows site visitors to send messages to the email inbox associated with that specific contact form.
Custom Theme: Is a website where the entire theme (look and feel) are custom designed with input from the author. The design process includes a questionnaire form intended to gather the ideas and vision the author may have, followed by our designer submitting to you an image mock up of your home page for you to review and revise. Once the mock up is approved the site is built and submitted back to the Customer for final revisions and approval.

Five Content Pages: Every one of our website comes with, at a minimum, 5 content pages:

Page 1: Homepage – Book synopsis/description

Page 2: About the Customer – Customer bio and/or photo

Page 3: Excerpts – Any portions of Customer’s Book specified by Customer, viewable online (excerpts made available as PDFs taken directly from Customer’s final, approved interior file)

Page 4: Contact Information – Depending on website package, there will be a contact form or for Bronze package, Customer may provide any contact information he/she wishes to make available to the public.

Page 5: Order Page / Redirect. – Customer shall have an order link redirect or an order page with links on it as set forth below.

(a) Redirect Options

Customer shall have the ?Order? link redirect to one of the following:

(1),, (if ordered by the Customer);

(2) Customer’s Paypal page (Customer must set up his/her PayPal account); or

All content for the pages described in this section must be provided by Customer.

First Year of Hosting is $110.00 to be paid in full before website goes live. The annual renewal fee is $111.00 per year paid on or before the expiration date (1 year intervals after the site goes live). Customer is not required to host with Empire Publishing at any time, but if Customer’s site is built in Webstudio, switching hosting providers will require Customer to reinstall their website within their new hosting account.

Security Package: All customer websites hosted with Empire Publishing will have firewall protection and daily backups.

Social Media Links: Where applicable Empire Publishing will add links to all social media accounts Customer submits in an attractive manner consistent with the overall site design

Storage: Storage varies by package and is a number of MegaBytes or GigaBytes provided for each website that determines the amount of storage space on our servers for your website content, including podcasts, embedded videos, streaming music, images, and PDF files.

SEO Research: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research involves working with the Customer to designate 15 keywords/keyword phrases that are intended to help the website be in a position to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Customer will be responsible for writing Keyword Articles to be added as pages to the website. SEO Guidelines for writing Keyword Articles will be provided.

Upload File Size: Customer is only allowed to upload or have Empire Publishing upload on customer’s behalf files that do not exceed 2MB each.
Website Creation Process / Timeline

Within 10 business days (Basic) of Customer’s completion of the Questionnaire steps and deposit of 50% (non-refundable, Empire Publishing shall provide a temporary link to the website draft. Within 15 business days (Deluxe or Supreme) of Customer’s completion of the Questionnaire steps, Empire Publishing shall provide a mock-up image of the homepage of the website. Once the final mock-up is approved by Customer, Empire Publishing shall provide a temporary link to the website draft within 10 business days.

Customers with the Basic, Deluxe or Supreme package will have one (1) round of minor revisions to the Website draft (e.g. correcting typos, minor reposition of buttons or links, color changes, margin realignment). Custom Design and Platinum packages have up to three (3) rounds of included revisions to the mock-up design after choosing one of the provided mock-ups and one (1) round of minor revisions to the Website draft (e.g. correcting typos, minor reposition of buttons or links, color changes, margin realignment).

Each round of revisions will be completed within five (5) business days from when the revision is submitted by Customer through the Empire Customer Center. If Customer desires any other changes to the submitted content outside of the included revision rounds, the revisions are subject to Empire Publishing’s Website Revision Fee. For additional rounds of website revisions and for any revisions after the website is live Empire Publishing shall provide a time estimate and cost. Website revisions are charged at $90.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.

For all website packages, Customer recognizes that input from Customer is required and will ultimately determine the time frame of the website’s completion.

For custom designs/Deluxe and Supreme Packages, Customer must approve the homepage layout concept before the rest of the site is built. Customer acknowledges that the rest of the site will be based on the artwork and layout of the homepage. Once the homepage concept is approved, and building of the rest of the site has begun, any additional changes to the design will be billed at $90.00 per hour.

II. Domain Name

Empire Publishing will purchasing a domain name for his/her website. Customer acknowledges that Empire Publishing cannot provide website creation services until a domain is purchased.

Customer is responsible for updating the website domain through the chosen domain registrar as instructed by Empire Publishing, to ensure that the website is visible online. Customer will have the option of one of the following:

1. Working with his/her registrar to change the ?A Record? or “name servers” or
2. Providing Empire Publishing his/her registrar log in information and Empire Publishing will change the “A Record” or “name servers” at no cost to the Customer.

Customer is also responsible for renewing his/her domain name in a timely manner.

Customer acknowledges that if a domain name is not renewed, Customer’s site will not be visible to the public.

III. Third-Party Services

Customer acknowledges that Empire Publishing is not responsible for integration of third-party services on Customer’s website (e.g. installing a email list management tool) unless specifically set forth in these terms.

IV. Website Hosting

If Customer does not use Empire Publishing/Bravenet hosting, Customer is responsible for securing his/her own Website hosting and setting up the website files we provide with the website host.

V. Changes to Website After Launch

Once Customer’s website is live on the internet, Customer is responsible for all updates and changes. Empire Publishing is not responsible for, and will not technically support, any changes made by Customer once Website is live. Customer acknowledges that he/she owns the Website and can use anyone to make changes without ever paying additional fees to Empire Publishing.

All rights, title, and interest, including any copyrights in Content and the Website, except for the generic template designs, are owned by the customer.

VI. SEO Research Service

The SEO Service (SEO service) includes:
A SEO specialist researching 15 relevant keywords based on the Customer’s suggestions and Internet data.
The SEO specialist incorporates those same keywords into the meta data of the pages on your website, telling search engines exactly what your site is about and enabling them to rank your site well when those relevant keyword terms are searched.

Customer is responsible for writing SEO content based on keyword terms related to the topic, subject matter and theme of Customer’s Book, that internet searchers are using. Empire Publishing will complete keyword research within 25 business days after Customer completes the Website Questionnaire. Empire Publishing shall not make revisions to written content.

Customer acknowledges that once Empire Publishing starts the keyword research for the website, there are no refunds for this service as considerable number of hours will have already been spent on Customer’s behalf. Customer further acknowledges that there is no guarantee that Customer will like or use the keywords provided by Empire Publishing despite Empire Publishing’s best efforts.

VII. Additional Website Features

Requests for additional features to a website such as adding more than 25 unique pages and any other website feature not specifically set forth in these terms will be evaluated for implementation feasibility at the time of the request. If the request is deemed possible to implement into website, Empire Publishing shall provide a quote to Customer for the additional work. Customer must agree in writing to additional terms and complete payment before any work on the additional feature(s) will begin.

VIII. Refunds

Once Empire Publishing has commenced working on a website or related service, there are no refunds as Customer acknowledges that Empire Publishing has put in significant amount of work. ?Commenced Working on a Website? includes but is not limited the completion of the Website Questionnaire by Customer.

While Empire Publishing will attempt to create a website that fulfills the Customer’s vision, the Customer acknowledges that his/her dissatisfaction with any creative element is not grounds for any refund. Empire Publishing will make its best effort to complete Customer’s website within the number of days indicated for the purchased website package as outlined in Section III. Website Creation Process / Timeline above.

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