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Video Marketing

An author must use every resource available to him or her when promoting a book. Many new authors assume that once his or her book is available on Amazon that it will sell itself. That way of thinking couldn\’t be any further from the truth. An author needs to hustle, regardless of which publisher produces the book or else all his or her hard work was for nothing, except having books that they worked hard to write and get published do little more than sit on a shelf collecting dust. We want you to go much further than that and be successful as an author.

Video Marketing

The Internet is the best tool for promoting a book, and to benefit from it, you must build name recognition. The more your name is spread across the Internet, the higher you climb on the search engines, which in turn, exposes your book to a larger audience. All successful authors know this and use it to its full advantage. Videos are one of the best steps in going viral to a large audience. A video teaser/trailer demands, \”Look at me!\”

Producing a video teaser/trailer is a complicated process. Our production team assembles the concept, theme, graphics, transitions, and effects. They incorporate your book cover, profile picture, snippets, hooklines, background music, and do voice overs. You get a video that proudly represents you, the author and your literary masterpiece. We make it easy for you by uploading your video to YouTube where it can be distributed by linking or embedding into all the social media platforms. We even do that for you as well. Add a book trailer to your personal website and post it on your blog. You receive one round of revisions and your video will be uploaded to the Empire Publishing YouTube channel.

A 60-second video trailer is included in the Platinum, and Titanium Combo-Publishing packages. 

Teaser –
Video Length- 60 seconds
Images – up to 10
Music – yes
Youtube Distribution – yes

Video Length- up to 3 minutes
Images – up to 20
Music – yes
Narrative – text and voice
Youtube Distribution – yes

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