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The Diamond Combo Package

The Diamond Combo Publishing Package (1)
INTRODUCING… The Diamond Combo Publishing Package – The absolute mega ultimate in book publishing.

It has everything the Titanium Package offers, but also includes 35 free books, and 1 year of Social Marketing Support to ensure the most amount of saturation to the public, an inclusion to *Walmart Distribution and AMAZON Analytics Software for the highest keywords ranked for your book.. If you have written a manuscript that you want to publish, as a Print book in both perfect bound Soft-cover and Hardback cover, and all digital eBooks and iBooks and have an optional Audio Book made,  then this is the package for you.

Your book will be submitted to every bookstore that sells “new books” across the nation. And will be available worldwide in all formats.

This Diamond Package beats all competitors in both quality and in affordability.

We have made this package available only by calling us and discussing your book with a professional Author Representative, or a literary specialist.  Not all books qualify so we need to know more about your book.

The things you will be asked are:

  1. How many words is your manuscript?
  2. What is the Genre of your book?
  3. What is the Title and Subtitle of your book?
  4. Does your book contain adult content or have an age appropriate category?
  5. Is your manuscript completed and ready for professional editing?


The Diamond Combo Publishing Package is available for $10,000

This Mega Diamond Package includes:

  1. Enhanced Interior
  2. Academic Editing
  3. Premium Cover Design
  4. ISBN Bar-code
  5. Trade paperback
  6. Hardback Cover
  7. eBook Kindle
  8. eBook Nook
  9. Apple iBooks
  10. Smash Words
  11. Custom Website
  12. Video Book Trailer on YouTube
  13. One Year of Social Media Promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest)
  14. Author Representative 5 hours of personal -ONE-TO-ONE assistance regarding your book and promotion discussions.
  15. 8 1/2 x 11 Sell Sheets = 25 ct. (For you to mail to specific stores to carry your book).
  16. Electronic Press release to 500,000 thousand subscribers (250 media outlests)
  17. Marketing Assistant
  18. 5o Free Soft cover books
  19. 2o Free Hardback books
  20. Bookmarks = 250 ct.
  21. Postcards = 100 ct.
  22. Business cards = 500 ct.
  23. Posters = 5 ct.  (To use for book signings and other Author events)
  24. Copyright Protection
  25. Listed with Library of Congress
  26. Ingram Printing and Distribution Lists
  27. One add in a popular Las Vegas Nevada Magazine
  28. Optional Audio Book Format (for as low as $2500.00 add-on)
  29. Promoted on Bookdaily
  30. Listed on Goodreads
  31. Listed on Love Books
  32. Worldwide Distribution
  33. Amazon Keyword Analysis
  34. CD Archive
  35. Bookstore Return-ability (required for some book signings, such as Barnes & Noble).
  36. Your Book listed on the top tier of Front Table of New Books.
  37. You can purchase your own books below wholesale cost as many as you want from 1 to 1,000,000.

*This package can be divided into 3 payments. of $3,333.00

Call our Literary Representative to discuss if your book qualifies for the Diamond Package. 928-302-6246

or email

This offer is exclusive for Empire Publishing.

This package is designed for someone who wants to sell a million books.

The ultimate in book publishing from Empire Publishing, offers the greatest profit margin and the most free options of any other publisher. All Diamond Package books include a full-color cover, standard interior black & white formatting, an ISBN number, and unlimited wholesale printing, fulfillment, and distribution via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bertram, and others. You have your choice of over 30 formats, plus 20 free image insertions, 2 free rounds of galley revisions, and one-on-one support with your publishing consultant and author representative throughout the process. Plus Book Selling Tip Sheets, the Book Marketing information, (Professional Book Video Trailer on YouTube, Back Page Promo, and an upgraded Press Release). It’s literally a value that cannot be beat! This is the making and creating a product, that becomes your business, that will provide you with a residual income for the rest of your life and then will provide a residual income for your beneficiaries forever. Leaving a legacy that stands the test of time.



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