Empire Publishing is proud to introduce Jay Johnson, the author of “The Making of a Spy”

For nine long months, Jay worked day and night writing this literary work, to bring this book to life. Jay’s inspiration came from his father, who served in the military during WW2 and learning of his father’s secret life while he served in the military. This book is part 1, and the next book in the series is coming soon and is called “Once a Spy, Always a Spy” where you will want to pick up and read where book 1 left off.


Isiac grew up without a father. His grandfather began teaching Isiac to hunt and fish when he was only 6 years old. That helped Isiac develop his skills of observation. Isiac acquired the ability to notice even the slightest changes in his environment and to interpret their causes.

During the Great Depression, Isiac used his hunting and fishing skills to feed his mother, sister, and brother. Isiac’s experience with and participation in bootlegging taught him the importance of planning. His skills in developing plans and contingency plans helped Isiac to anticipate potential problems. Isiac learned that it is much easier to avoid potential problems than it is to try to solve them once they occur.

By the time Isiac was 15 years old, he had a black belt in Judo and was multi-lingual: He was fluent in English, German, Japanese, and Polish.

When WW2 began, Isiac was drafted into the Army. Although unintentional, Isiac’s childhood experiences, along with the skills he learned in the Army, became an integral part of “The Making of a Spy”

Inside the Author’s Mind

When we asked Jay what it was that kept him wanting to write he responded saying “Handing my 95-year-old mother a finished copy of ‘The Making of a Spy'” and now, he looking forward to his second book being published and he can hand her a copy of Once a Spy, Always a Spy.

We asked Jay what the one thing he hoped he would get across to his readers and he responded in usual half kidding demeanor saying, “The propensity for dimwitted politicians to ‘screw things up’ is not something new in America. Politicians have been practicing that concept since the Revolutionary War.  It’s just that today’s politicians have become true masters of the ability to screw thing up.”

This book was published with large print, intentionally so that his 95-year-old mother could easily read it. As it turned out, many people have commented that they really enjoyed reading the large print, as it was easy on the eyes.

The book is available in all the formats and is being sold everywhere books are sold. In both hardback and paperback, whichever you choose. Also available on Amazon Kindle as well if you are a Nook fan you can also download the book to your Nook.

This book is like a history book but meant for enjoyment and purely a work of fiction. It was based on a partially true story of Jay’s childhood with his brother and mother and father. but names are changed and some scenes added for interest.

Guaranteed a good read!

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Jay Johnson has now completed Book Two Once a Spy, Always a Spy and Book Three The Best Spy is One Who Does Not Exist

Once a Spy Always a Spy