By Francesca Maria, Author Rep at Empire Publishing (1)

The 6 Most Important Investments for the Self-published Author…

Where should new authors put their money?

Everything good comes at a price, either through time or money. When you invest your time to write a book, then you also must invest money to ensure it’s a success. Here are the 6 places a new author should invest in their book.

  • Editing. No matter what, professional editing is the best investment for any book. Every single successful self-published book has been worked over by an editing pro, without exception.
  • Cover design. Give your idea to the pro’s who do professional cover design. Empire Publishing has in-house professional graphic artists who specialize in cover design. You can write the greatest book since Don Quixote, but if it doesn’t have an eye-catching cover, nobody will ever discover the contents of your book.
  • Book formatting. A close second to cover design, when it comes to important investments of your book. This is when it is better for a self-published author to hire the services of a professional literary service who specializes in formatting books for print and digital books. All of Empire Publishing’s packages include appropriate formatting for their books genre.
  • Producing printed books and eBooks. Printed books remain the dominant format, and it’s too easy and inexpensive not to invest in eBooks as well. All of Empire Publishing’s packages come with an eBook!
  • Maximizing distribution. Having your book available on Amazon isn’t good enough for most self-published authors. Using an aggregator like Empire Publishing can put your book and/or book link in dozens of the leading bookstores and book-selling websites around the world. Such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc…
  • Marketing. This is the part of the publishing process that most writers hate, so investing in it is doubly important. For writers who are not marketing-inclined, spending money on consultations or hiring someone to market your book can make a huge difference in sales.

Side Note: Audiobooks are a great innovation, and with the rise in ownership of smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, they’ll continue to increase in prominence. Still, they remain a poor investment for new and independent authors. Until you garner a major following, you’re better off focusing on the more foundational aspects of publishing and promotion that will bring a higher return on your investment. Your book is your business, treat it like you would treat a storefront business. Polish it, promote it, advertise it, be proud of it.

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