“TRUTH” by S.A. Stitz, a book that is a compilation of awakened Truths that defies the accepted conventional wisdom of the human cycle and purpose of life. Truth presents its most challenging theme: identification of the universal form of spiritual existentialism transcending the boundaries of all religions. With added commentary and annotations.

Stitz was inspired to write the book for his students and seekers that have followed his awakenings for over forty years. It took Stan over twenty plus years, to complete, and he claims “yet it is not complete.”

The one message S.A. Stitz hopes to convey to his readers are “The fulfillment of a human’s life and its true nature is a matter of becoming, not just a matter of being.”

TRUTH is a book that has been compiled for the dedicated seekers who hunger and struggle to learn the true purpose of their life by rising beyond their human subjective wisdom to a pearl of greater absolute wisdom. Seekers recognize they may never accomplish anything of high spiritual consequence unless they find the key to transcendence. By settling for a life guided by the human conscious mind and its ego, that inevitably leads to suffering and pain is unacceptable. Unveiled within TRUTH is the path and verifiable awakenings to attract the experiences and knowledge necessary to satisfy and end their hunger.

S.A. Stitz has 10’s of thousands of followers on Twitter and over 350 fully committed students worldwide. His teachings are proven to be “Sacred Spiritual Awakenings” and his teaching is unique and straight forward “Absolute Truth” with no religious affiliation.

Stitz was born and raised amid the steel and concrete of New York City, and he hungered to learn and understand the root of his strange abilities not found in any of those that he came to know, which was the catalyst that enticed him to explore outside “normal” spiritual resources. While traveling the world Stitz sought out tribal chieftains, ascetics, and shamans gaining knowledge about the legends, myths, folklore, and especially mystical events handed down throughout the ages.

Having a deep almost unworldly attraction to the Himalaya Mountains, Stitz found himself in Nepal. It was there through a series of events that he was approached by a group of Red Hat Buddhist priests of the Nyingma School and Yellow Hat priests of the Gelugpa School who told him he was expected. Together they visited many Buddhist and Hindu temples where he was asked to answer prepared questions and further to look and handle many different ancient items. Then after examining the items, he was asked to identify them and if pertinent explain their relation to him. Satisfied in their identification of him as an incarnate of high spiritual attainment they sent for a shaman of the Bon religion of Tibet (which predates Buddhism) to verify their findings. This the shaman did through ancient writings and astrological signs and events. For example, they found he was born in the year, month, day, and hour of the dragon according to the ancient sans script charts and books. This too was the exact date and time of a well-known, often written about previous life he led in a region of Kashmir.

The priests insisted that Stitz awaken and experience the truth of their finding through a form of meditation after he returned home. Through the years he awakened to learn of his previous lives, awakened the verifiable “Path of Pure Mind” leading to Ultimate Truth, and the why of his ability to utilize energy in numerous mystical ways. This too finally answered the reason for his unusual abilities and his original quest.

“It is only those who have transcended the conscious mind, the divisions of personality, the subjective realities, who may see and know Existence (God, if you must) in its purest form, without judgment or prejudice.”

“When individuals attempt to define Existence, God, Ultimate Truths, or attempts to explain an awakening, their understanding, and interpretation of it become part of the definition. Therefore, what they are attempting to define is indefinable in its purest form.”

“Fulfillment of a human’s true life purpose creates a treasure which will not decay or die.”

He is currently working on the sequel to his book TRUTH and should also be available to purchase in 2019.

TRUTH, by S.A. Stitz, can be purchased in soft cover and hardback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble; it is also available in Kindle eBook and Apple iBooks.

Published by Empire Publishing