Publishing Dreams Come True

This is in regards to seeking traditional publishing if you are seeking an agent to submit your book to a large publishing house. We are open for all self-publishing submissions as long as it is not pornography or considered unapproved by Amazon. If you want to be self-published and keep all the rights and royalties please go to our “Home Page” to find the package that is suitable for you and your book.

For those who are seeking traditional publishing please keep reading and follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

Our Literary Agent is open to review submissions for fiction and nonfiction submissions. Though we look at every query, we regretfully cannot respond to everyone. Please note that we are very particular about who we work with, as we tend to represent people and not just projects. If we feel that you are a fit, we will be in touch.

We know how important it is to put your best foot forward. Please review this page to learn the general submission guidelines. If you do not submit according to the guidelines you will not be considered.


*For manuscript submission:
  • A proposal detailing the title, audience, uniqueness, sales handle, and reasons why you believe the work will attract a readership.
  • A list of current titles with Amazon links that would help a publisher understand how your book will compete in the current market.
  • A description of your book marketing plan.
  • A table of contents and chapter outline in which you share a brief description of each chapter
  • The first three chapters. (approximately 50 pages of the work)
  • A complete biography with your publishing history and an explanation of why you are qualified to write this particular project.
  • List your Social Media links, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels.
  • Tell us if you have copyrighted your manuscript. (Some publishing houses will not accept previously copyrighted material).

*Please submit all of the above in ONE (1) email to:

PLEASE NOTE: It can take up to 3 to 4 weeks to receive an email response if we would like to take your book into consideration.


For those of you who have a great book partially written but are having difficulty finishing it, you may want to consider hiring a Ghostwriter. 

  • Ghostwriting services – we finish your book for you
  • A personal liaison who will guide you throughout the process
  • We provide the editing, illustration, cover design, and book production
  • Pre-defined promotion targeting specific outlets and media
  • Book distribution and order fulfillment

Please send an email to and she will discuss your project and see if we have a ghostwriter match for you and the topic and genre of your book.