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Your book is a product that you are selling. So, therefore, treat it as a product. The best way to sell your product is to promote it. Create a Brand, either by your Title or by your own name. You must create a buzz for either your book title or your own name. If you don’t, then making a lot of money from the sale of your books will be very difficult.

There are two kinds of people out there, there are the people who think that if you write a book and publish it, you will get instant fame and recognition and an instant large residual income. And then there are the people out there who think all Authors are in the realm of the starving artist. The truth is, both people are correct and both are also wrong. I get a lot of people who ask me “How much money can I make if I publish my book?” And the answer to all of them is the same regardless of the genre of their book. It is really simple; the answer is a question: “How much are you willing to promote yourself and your product?”

Unless you are willing to treat your book promotions like a job, it won’t pay you. No excuses. If you do not promote, you will not sell books. The amount of time you put into promoting your product is directly related to how much you can make. You can make hundreds or thousands of dollars even millions of dollars, but you have to tell people who you are or tell people about your book. Press releases, YouTube book teasers and trailers, and handing out promotional items such as postcards and bookmarks. Get involved in writers groups, make friends with your local bookstore owners. Do book signings.

With the book publishing industry being taken by storm by self-published authors, and the market being flooded with books of all genres your book can be lost in the midst of all the others and may never sell more than a few copies per year. This can be very disappointing to an author who was expecting to make a living from the royalties of their book. Especially if they paid a lot of money to have it published.  Keep in mind it doesn’t matter if you go with the most expensive publishing company or the cheapest when it comes to promoting your book. If you choose a publishing package and do not have a lot of time to launch your book, then you absolutely need to purchase a publishing package that includes some level of marketing. Do not get confused with the term “distribution” with “marketing” these are two completely different things. Distribution refers to the distributors of your book, meaning the places who will offer your book for sale, there are a lot of book distributors out there, do not assume that just being on will instantly generate book sales.

Many first time authors think his or her book will automatically sell just by being on Unfortunately, it will not. You need to promote your product every possible way you can. Utilizing both the internet and the old fashioned “two friends tell two friends” method. You need professional promotional items – keep in mind – quality is just as important as quantity. Most first-time authors cut corners and go the cheap route by using OfficeMax or Staples or worse yet, print flyers or cards from their computer. Handing out cheap promotional items is a bad reflection on your product. Empire Publishing offers premium quality promotional items at an affordable rate. The items and services we provide will separate you from those that don’t take the business of being a writer seriously. There are many reasons some writers succeed, and others do not. This is one of them because most authors don’t go above and beyond to become successful. To generate sales, you need to network and be seen. There are many ways to do this and we are here to assist you. Before you set up your book signings, order a large stack of books and also order quality Sell Sheets, Bookmarks, Posters, Business Cards and Postcards with your book cover and Title and book order link, or AMAZON link or if you have a website, include that on yourpromotionall material.

Learning how to maximize the benefits of Social Media is a powerful tool for authors. Investing time and resources into a social media strategy to promote and sell your book is most definitely a necessity. As an author, you are a business and your book is the product you are marketing to the public. Businesses that integrate their social media efforts with their content strategy and are seeing the impact of social media regarding lead generation, referral traffic, and revenue. Any author that is serious about selling his or her book knows that the social media outlets cannot be overlooked because they are useful and powerful promotional tools.

For those that do not have the time or the skills to create what is needed, the answer can be found through getting help from the professionals:

Empire Publishing offers publishing packages that will set up all the social marketing accounts needed for you to get your book in the public eye and on the right path to selling your title to the proper target market. We make this process hassle and stress-free for you. We create an attractive banner and cover photo from your book to incorporate with all your independent social media outlets and network them together. Empire Publishing places content posts, images and “Buy Now” buttons for your book.

Even if you already published your book, and now want to get marketing for it, it is never too late.


Improved social signals (which are a factor in the search-ranking algorithm), Author (book) branding, Improved brand awareness, Word-of-mouth advertising, Increased customer loyalty and trust, Improved audience reach and influence. Social media is also one of the three pillars of SEO (search engine optimization to get your a higher ranking).

The Best Social Media Package Available through Empire Publishing and Literary Service:
The social media packages that our competitors offer only contain four platforms. Our package utilizes 11 of the leading social media platforms to give your book maximum exposure that includesFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, AboutMe, VK Europe, WordPress, and StumbledUpon.

If you are an author who already published your book – even with a different publisher, but would like to start making money with your book, start with a complete package.

Social Media Package Includes:

  • Custom Banner/Header
  • Author Photograph
  • Custom Background
  • Author Bio
  • Photo of Book Cover
  • Embed Youtube Video*
  • Links to Book eStore and/or Website
  • Book Synopsis
  • Cross Link Social Media Networks
  • *Does not include video production

Price $599.



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