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the long red night

Cost: $899.00 (Includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble Distribution and more)

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Produce a top-shelf book at a fraction of the cost set by other publishers. 

Are you ready to get published and shopping for the easiest, most economical and best service available? Look no further. The “Silver” combo-publishing package is entry level publishing package for books under 60,000 words without skimping on quality. This is the ideal package for short stories and gives an author the freedom of choice to add-on services or upgrades at any time during and after the publishing process. Compare the similar packages offered by our competitors to see what you actually get for your money. They do not include an assigned barcode, ISBN, eBook, personal eStore or distribution for the same price as Empire Publishing’s “Silver” publishing package. Empire Publishing utilizes the popular Print on Demand and Distribution services.

The trim sizes available for this package are 5 x 8 – 5.06 x 7.81 – 5.25 x 8 – 5.5 x 8.5 – 6 x 9 – 6.14 x 9.21 – 6.69 x 9.61 – 7 x 10 – 7.44 x 9.69 – 7.5 x 9.25. – 8 x 10.

Professional Interior Formatting – Print and digital versions require separate treatment. Learn more.

Mechanical Editing¹ – Your manuscript receives a treatment with the leading academic software and corrects spelling errors, improper punctuation, indents and line spacing. Learn more.

ISBN – An ISBN identifies a title’s edition. Learn more.

Upgraded Book Cover¹ – Custom designed cover. Learn more.

Trade Paperback – High quality that meets industry standards. Learn more.

Kindle eBook Edition – Professional formatting and distribution on Amazon. Learn more.

Placement of up to 5 black and white interior images² (supplied by the author)

Your own Author Representative who provides support throughout the publishing process.

Worldwide Distribution – with Amazon, Barnes & Noble and major online booksellers and national distributors. Learn more.

Amazon “Look Inside” and Google Preview service gives readers a sneak peek of your book. Learn more.

 Placement on Front Table of New Books – Empire Publishing’s online bookstore. Learn more

 2 free copies of your book.

Other fees that may apply to this package are listed below:

1 – As a courtesy, Empire Publishing offers one free round of corrections/changes after you receive your first eProof in a PDF. You will be supplied with a seperate Proof/Changes document for you to make changes on.  Each correction/change afterward will be billed at 20% of the package price. It is imperative to check your eProof manuscript closely before we submit your file to the printer. After your files have been uploaded to the printer and you want to make changes, you simply contact your representative and instructions are given as to how to make changes after printing. 

2 – If you want to add more than 5 interior images to this package, there is an additional charge added of $15 per image. This package does not offer color, but custom packages can be created for you, please contact a representative for information.

3 –  Highly complex manuscripts, such as children’s books, cookbooks, poetry and textbooks present design challenges require custom services, this package includes one page of customized design work, if there are more than one speicaliazed page please contact a representative to find out more information about what we can provide withn this package guidelines.

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If you have questions about your manuscript’s requirements, or which service is best for your book, please call one of our local representatives.

If you would like to add a social media marketing package to this package to help you get a great book kick off you can click on this link to add it to your package.   Social Media Marketing Packages



Standard in all Publishing Packages

No Contract
100% Royalties
Retain All Rights
Interior Style Guide
Account Services
Empire Bookstore

Customize this package:

» Hardcover – Add a hardcover edition to this package.

» Get Into Bookstores – Increase your chance of getting on the bookshelves. Only available with Hardcover edition.

» Rank Higher on Amazon – Amazon Keyword Analysis using State-of-the-art software for best keywords for your Title.

The more serious career-minded author should upgrade to the Gold Combo-Publishing package that includes many marketing features to help kick start book sales.

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