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Keep 100% of Net Royalties

Right now, you are having dreams of success with a best-selling novel. It pains me to have to burst your bubble, but you are where so many others have been before. Realistically, even if you can obtain a contract with a large firm, all your hopes and dreams will quickly be crushed. You will be given a $1,000 to $3,000 advance. You will have to dump your advance into advertising because the publishing firm will not invest any money. Also, by signing with that large publishing firm, you will have given up the rights to your book. They now own your work. A board of directors will dictate the final content of your interior, formatting, book cover, and price. They will have you rewrite your story until it becomes what they feel it should be. The company will print a small test run of approximately 10,000 copies, and if your book doesn’t become an instant hit, that’s it, game over. Your book gets canned, they own the rights, and there is nothing more you can do. If your book does happen to sell well, you will receive minimal royalty payments that almost make you feel as if you have been robbed. The publisher takes most of the money, and your agent gets 15%. If your book is sold on Amazon, where they sell your book at a discounted rate, they also take a nice chunk of the royalty. Everyone in line has his or her hand in the pot. For all your hard work, you may end up only averaging less than a $1.30 per book. It is solely up to you to generate sales because they will not. Writing your book was the easy part, now you have to become the salesperson. You do 90% of the work, and everyone else keeps most of the money. Therefore, you must ask yourself, “Then why would I even want to get published by a large, well-known publishing house?” Unless you are an established well-known author, forget about making millions of dollars or even thousands for that matter by signing everything over to a publishing firm. When publishing with Empire Publishing, you receive 100% of your royalties (excluding fees and percentages by retailers such as Amazon) and retain 100% ownership of your work. No royalty money passes through Empire Publishing. We set up your account, so all royalties earned goes directly to the author.

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