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Book Launch Press Release

So you’ve finally published your new book! Congratulations on this huge accomplishment. Not to burst your bubble too soon, but the hard part of your job is just beginning. Now you need to let the media know about the launch of your new book. Remember, no one can buy your book if they don’t even know that it exists. Unfortunately, when it comes to promoting their work, most writers have no idea where to start. The greatest bang for your buck in terms of promotion is a book launch press release. Some people will tell you that nowadays, with all this digital media, the old-fashioned press release is no longer effective. However, the press release is very much alive. In fact, it’s really your best tool for reaching potential customers. The problem is, that many people just don’t know how to craft a book launch press release effectively. First and foremost, come up with a headline that really stands out! Make it concise, getting a clear message across in as few words as possible. Here’s an example of an attention-getting headline: \”Teen Author Releases Edgy New Book.\” This headline briefly conveys an important message about the book in a way that makes people want to keep reading. In your first paragraph, provide a concise and compelling summary of your book. It helps to frame this summary in terms of a problem that needs a solution, especially for non-fiction. For fiction, create a compelling description of the main characters and the central problem of the story. Fill out the rest of your book press release with relevant links, facts, or quotes. You can link to reviews, and include quotes from them also. A short video (a “book trailer”) can also be an engaging and fun promotional tool. You can embed the video right in your book press release. In the midst of today’s deluge of digital marketing, it can seem impossible to get out the word about your book to the right people. A book press release is the most effective way of doing that.

Make sure you give your book the great send-off it deserves!

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