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Pay Over Time Publishing 

The “Platinum” combo-publishing package is the upper echelon of independent publishing. The “Pay Over Time” package comes with increased upgrades on services, more custom cover options, interior options, trim sizes, expanded distribution and promotional tools. This package was designed for authors serious about launching a career in writing. The “Pay Over Time” combo-publishing package includes everything needed to produce a professionally manufactured product (your book), establish an author platform, and to market it in a fashion that will produce higher royalties.

Publish Now and Pay Over Time

From day one, Empire Publishing has remained firm on the vow to be the best in publishing. The only way to stay in the lead is to evolve with the times. Here at Empire Publishing, we strive to bring authors the finest publishing packages, superior quality workmanship and deliver a product of excellence. We listen to the authors and what they need to achieve their goal. During these trying times, we know finances are tight. The high cost of producing a library quality book, along with marketing fees, is not feasible to many at this time, and fantastic stories don’t get a chance to succeed. Micro-publishers are sprouting up like weeds, and although they have websites that look alluring, they produce a poor product. New authors are drawn in by the micro-publishers low price but receive a book (product) that does not sell. Don’t get shortchanged!

We have taken our Platinum package and have made it available to pay over time. Inexpensive publishing packages, such as our Bronze and Copper are ideal for those that just want to get their feet wet in the book publishing industry but are not sufficient for those that are looking for a career in writing. Now, authors can get it all without breaking the bank. Pay over time with low monthly payments and receive every professional service that is required for publishing a book. Compare our package with companies such as BookFuel and you will notice that not only are our prices lower and product is better, but you will also see you get more for your money such as promotional tools and marketing. 

Please note: the price of this package is for black and white interior only. You can upgrade to a full color interior for an additional $450. 

Compare Empire Publishing Leading Competitor
Pay Over Time Program $183 Per Month $225 Per Month
Copyediting Yes Yes
Interior Formatting Yes Yes
Cover Design Yes Yes
ISBN Yes Yes
Printed Book Yes Yes
eBook Converstion Yes Yes
Worldwide Distribution 24 Distributors 12 Distributors
Author Representative Yes Yes
Author eStore Yes No
Website/Hosting Yes No
Domain Name Yes No
Video Trailer Yes No
Social Media Marketing Yes No
Book Tour Yes No
Total Cost $2,400 includes marketing $2,799 plus $1,200 for marketing.

Below Is What Is Included In The Pay Over Time Package

The “Pay Over Time” combo-publishing includes all trim sizes. For a list of all available book trim sizes click here.



Enhanced Interior
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Mechanical Editing

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ISBN Bar Code

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Premium Cover

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Trade Paperback

Learn More


eBook (Kindle)

Learn More


eBook (nook)

Learn More




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Author eStore

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website sample


Custom Website

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book tour icon


Book Tour

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Social Media Promo

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Video Trailer

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Amazon “Look Inside” and Google “Preview”

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Barnes and Nobel “Read Instantly”

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author representative icon 

Author Representative
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marketing discount icon

Marketing Discounts
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front table

Tier Two Feature

Front Table  

hardcover book publishing

5 Free Books
Only with Full Payment
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Standard in all Publishing Packages

No Contract
100% Royalties
Retain All Rights
Interior Style Guide
Account Services
Empire Bookstore

Standard in all Publishing Packages

No Contract
100% Royalties
Retain All Rights
Interior Style Guide
Account Services
Empire Bookstore

Are you having trouble trying to figure out which fonts, line spacing, and layout is best for your book?

Empire Publishing has provided authors with the best design layouts to choose that give a book a custom feel and easy on the eyes that readers appreciate.

Click to View the Sample Gallery

 Add a Hardcover Edition

self published hardcover print on demand

Only $450.

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Get Into Bookstores


Only $100.

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The Platinum "Pay Over Time" package was designed to help authors publish easily, affordably, and professionally without a substantial initial investment.
Payment Options
Down payment of $199 followed by $183.42/month, payable over 12 months. - Buy Now
Pay in Full and receive 50 custom bookmarks and 5 copies of your book. - Buy Now
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