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No Contract Required

There is no need for you to sign a publishing contract to get your book on the market and making money. Why would you want to hand over all the hard work that you poured your soul into to large publishing firm that keeps most of the money and takes control of the rights to your work? Empire is a publishing service bureau and does not require an author to sign a contract. As the author, you own your book, the rights to your work, and all royalties earned go directly to you. It’s your story and your work – so should be the money and rights to it. However, Empire Publishing offers many packages so any aspiring author can get published and to do so, we have included publishing packages that require no out of pocket expense to the author. Those packages do require a contract because Empire Publishing earns a percentage of the book sales on those programs. The best part is that our contact is a simple agreement that doesn’t contain a bunch of legal lingoes that needs a lawyer to interpret. Empire Publishing also offers a Traditional Publishing to specific authors of the company’s choosing.

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