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Multi-Media Marketing


Hire your own PR Publicist who will:

  • Develop your Amazon Author Page for a professional look
  • Develop your A+ content on your book page on Amazon
  • Create promotions for your ebook 
  • Send out mailings to book stores for your hardcover book
  • Schedule a book signing event in your area. 
  • Create professional Sell Sheets for bookstores
  • Create Advertisements on Social Media
  • Help grow your audience to gain more fans.
  • Press Releases & Media Coordination
    • Brand Development
    • Identity & Logo
    • Marketing Materials

With over 30 years of experience with graphic design for companies such as Disney Pictures, Republic Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and Rhino Records. Empire Publishing will create an advertisement for your book to use as promotion in print or digitally on the Internet that will be appealing to potential buyers. 

Limited Time Special


Down Payment $300.



Most new authors cannot afford paid advertisements in magazines, but we make them available for use in many media forms, including the Internet and social media outlets. Potential buyers skip over ads that have repeatedly been used. To sell books, an author needs to continually bombard the Internet with fresh and attractive advertisements. Empire Publishing can keep you in the public eye and generate interest in your book with colorful new ads whenever you need the change. Continued marketing support and fan growth can be added to this package for $199.00 per month. 


Contact our Project Manager, Francesca to get started.


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