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Hardcovers can only be added to existing publishing packages. Contact us for a price if you want a stand alone  hardcover version.


Add-On Cost for economy packages only.

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Make your book stand out with a High-Quality Hardcover Version.

Until recently, producing a self-published book in Hardcover was not feasible. Yes, it could be done by certain publishers/printers, but the author was required to purchase anywhere from 50 to 100 books depending on the publisher/printer along with a setup fee of around $60 every time there was a print run. In the past, it was too costly to get a book done in hardcover, and “Print on Demand” was anything but POD when it comes to Hardcovers – but that has changed. Now, it is possible without breaking the bank. Print as many as you want from 1 to 950+.

Add the Hardcover Upgrade to any Empire Publishing package. Empire Publishing utilizes popular Print on Demand and Distribution services.

Hardcover Books


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     Coloring Books
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     > Christian Books

Standard in all Publishing Packages

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100% Royalties
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The more serious career-minded author should upgrade to the Platinum Combo-Publishing package that includes many marketing features to help kick-start book sales.


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Hardcover Books


Hardcover with Printed Case

Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Price includes ISBN and Setup Fees 

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