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Electronic Press Kit

A lot of marketing has moved online, but author press kits still matter. Press kits are traditionally thought of as physical tools, but they are effective digitally as well. In fact, a digital press kit can be used to facilitate your marketing efforts in online venues as well as the brick-and-mortar realm.

An electronic press kit is essentially a collection of digital documents (most commonly PDF files) which are packaged together and made available to download on your website and to send out via email. Empire Publishing will create an eye-catching Electronic Press Kit for you. This kit makes it easier for media outlets to gather quickly and efficiently information about your book and you as an author. Press kits are an excellent way to gain interest in your book and stand out above other authors vying for book sales. Purchase this kit and Empire will send you an email requesting what is needed to create your Press Kit.

Electronic Press Kit

What is in Your Press Kit
Press kits are useful to everyone from musicians to artists, but as an author, you will need to include the items listed below. We ask that you supply us with as much information as possible to create your Media Kit.

Author Biography
This should be written in the third person and maintain a professional tone throughout. Don\’t let it drone on any longer than a single page and be sure to include a headshot to go with it.

Free Chapter of Your Book
A full sample chapter to your book that includes links to buy a complete copy on Amazon or wherever else you are selling it online.

Press Release
An engaging press release is to announce the publication of your book and spread the word initially.

Interview Q&A\’s
This can be example questions and your answers if you haven\’t been interviewed by anyone yet. If you have several, pick a couple of your strongest and do your best to highlight the most important parts of each one.

Sample Book Reviews
Plug a couple of the best online reviews for your book. If you do not have any reviews yet, we will write a few positive reviews for you to get you started.

Price $250.

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