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Kindle eBook Formatting and Publishing


Empire Publishing uses the authors MS Word doc or PDF file to convert from Printed format to ePub format. This process should never be done with an automatic conversation program because the slightest error can scramble the pages depending on how the digital reader sees it. Improper formatting will make a very ugly and unprofessional eBook. Empire Publishing does all conversions manually and thoroughly reviews the manuscript line by line. The Kindle version is included with all Combo-Publishing packages. Earn more monthly royalties by adding the Barnes and Nobel Nook upgrade.

Sample of printed interior

This is a manuscript formatted for print in an MS Word doc

Improper Kindle Formatting

 In this photo you can see what happens when an Automatic conversation tool is used or if you were to pay someone $30 to convert your manuscript to an ePub format. Common conversion errors are changes in paragraph alignment and loss of paragraph justification. Chapters begin mid-page, improper Heading chapter size, and shifts in first line indents. Drop caps tend to move into another position, blank pages appear, and Table of Contents does not link correctly which makes a book look like a jumbled mess. Empire Publishing corrects any issues and perfects the conversion to digital format. 

correctly formatted kindle book

It takes many hands-on hours to properly format an eBook. Empire Publishing not only correctly formats the book, we run tests on eReaders to check for inconsistencies in formatting between devices.

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