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Protect Your Copyright from Infringement

You must register your copyright
-To recover up to $150,000 in statutory damages.
-To protect your work for life plus 70 years!
-To establish a legal record of content ownership

Your Time to Act Is Limited!
You only have 3 months to register your copyright once your work is (1) published / distributed, and (2) before infringement occur, to recover full damages and attorney fees.

Protect your work with a copyright registration
If you’ve written a book or created some other original work such as a blog, photo, or illustration, you must register your copyright to prevent unauthorized use. Empire Publishing simplifies copyright registration, protecting you against illegal copying, theft or plagiarism of your work. But you must register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office to fully enforce your rights.

Copyright Protection

Copyright Protection optional add-on for Platinum, Christian, and Titanium Publishing Packages only.

Empire Publishing reviews your registration
Within 48 business hours of submitting your application will be reviewed by an Empire Publishing specialist. If there are obvious issues, you will be notified via e-mail! While final reviews are performed by the U. S. Copyright Office, you will get added assurance that your application is properly formatted to speed the review process.

Empire Publishing makes it easy to obtain your copyright. Simply make the payment and send your manuscript (MS Word doc) to You will receive a verification email within 48 hours.

Or call 702-292-4638 for further questions.

Includes filling fee paid directly to U.S. Copyright Office

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