Making Publishing Dreams Come True (1)
To submit your manuscript for publishing these are the rules for submission:

Email your documents to our project manager

 Call Francesca for a written publishing agreement at 702-292-4638 

Sign and email back the Publishing agreement form by email or click here: Sign Up To Publish

  1. You must have a completed manuscript in a Microsoft Word document, or similar. If you submit in a PDF format, it will take an extra week longer because it will require extracting which causes additional editing/formatting, this is due to when the PDF is extracted it can drastically jumble and transpose words and numbers all throughout the manuscript.  There may a small upcharge for this service.
  2. If illustrations or images are to be inserted they must be in a separate file in a JPG format, and it should be 300dpi or higher. The higher the resolution the better it will print. The printer will reject anything under 300dpi. Please mark in <RED BRACKETS> the name or number of the illustration on the page you want it to be on.
  3. Our standard ETA from the time you submit payment and your word doc manuscript to the time you receive your first electronic proof is approximately 8 to 10 weeks. (Add 1 week if you submit a PDF file to allow time for correcting the format).
  4. All manuscripts are kept 100% private and will only be seen by the team at Empire Publishing and will never at any point be in unsafe hands. We do not sign a non-disclosure because we are non-competing agents providing services and have no stake in royalties at any time. Regardless of the content or the success of the Author. Your privacy is the number one priority. We do not share any information with anyone at any time.


  • All Publishing packages can have add-ons for marketing tools and services. Please specify what you want to add-on and we will send you a publishing agreement with an invoice.
  • All publishing packages the Author receives 100% rights and royalties.
  • All publishing packages have their own account where they can buy books at wholesale and can make changes or adjustments to their book pricing and will have the ability to run advertising promotions.
  • All publishing packages receive Amazon worldwide distribution unless otherwise stated that the Author does not request worldwide distribution.