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Budget Book Covers

Book Covers for the Silver Combo-Publishing Package

Don’t let the word “budget” mislead you. These are high-quality book covers at a low price that come with both print and digital versions. The reason they are less expensive is that the working time is cut down by using one of our affiliates that produce high-quality book cover designs. Avoid using simplistic cookie-cutter designs offered by many of the on-line indie publishers. Those type of covers will do no justice for your hard work as a writer and get overlooked by buyers.

Empire Publishing works with several companies that specialize in pre-designed book covers. There are thousands of covers to choose from to fit most genres. When a pre-designed cover is purchased, it becomes unavailable for use by any other author and is removed from the catalog. This package comes free with the Copper, Silver and Gold Print Combo Publishing Package. Also available on selected Digital Only publishing packages.

You are not restricted to only using this feature with the Silver Combo-Publishing package. If you have an image that you want to use for a book cover, our design team will use your image and design a custom cover to fit the theme of your book.

3D realestate

Give your book every opportunity to shine with our extensive design service. Our professional design team, working in collaboration with you, will create a highly engaging book cover that conveys your book’s unique theme and messages. Your cover will include up to three images (depending on package), plus complementary colors, typography, and other design elements.

Within seven business days, you will receive the first round of 3 different concepts based upon your description.

You will select one concept and if necessary, send another email to your cover specialist describing minor modifications you’d like Empire Publishing to make.

Once your changes are completed, you will receive the final custom cover via email from your cover specialist. Any changes made after that will be billed at $20.00 per hour.

Payment Plan option. If you chose the payment plan option, you are required to pay 50% of total cost. Cover art will contain a watermark on low-resolution proofs. Once the final payment is received (on or before the end of the term set by Empire Publishing), the author will be supplied with the high-resolution final without the watermark. The payment plan option is not available on the Digital Only Cover.

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