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Welcome to the wonderful world of book publishing!

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The indescribable joy an author feels upon holding their own book for the first time is incomparable to most other feelings. It is an extraordinary sense of achievement and a lasting legacy. It is especially gratifying for authors to receive heartfelt letters from readers praising the book’s content. The author experiences an overwhelming sense of immense happiness and fulfillment upon completing their work.

This year, there is a desire among 200 million Americans to pursue a career in authorship. The notion that writing a book is a simple task arises from the proliferation of low-quality books being published, misrepresenting the level of effort required. However, “Self-published books are almost uniformly badly published,” says Deb Werksman, acquiring editor and editorial manager for Sourcebooks.

Those who identify as “do-it-yourselfers” would benefit from acquiring knowledge in the task they have undertaken. Without the help of a publisher to professionally produce their book, they remain unaware of the crucial role this plays in generating mass sales. It is only through experiencing confusion that they will come to realize the importance of securing such a professional. If a book looks self-published, buyers will not purchase it. Give yours a professional advantage with Empire Publishing.

If you have a manuscript, you are considering publishing and would like to discuss it, please fill out the form on the Home page found at the bottom of the page or call 702-292-4638

Writing a book involves sharing intimate secrets and thoughts to experience the rewards of being a writer. Actions speak louder than words.” The rewards are plentiful. Everyone has a voice and we are here to get yours heard.

Self-published authors who had professional expertise in producing a well-designed book are earning significant profits. Independent authors earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. Writing can be a profitable career or generate extra income.

The first book is tough to finish, but it gets easier after that. Writing becomes a craving that constantly needs to be satisfied. There are countless individuals who possess the ability to craft amazing books, but only a minority are aware of the steps to get them published, leading to the unfortunate loss of book sales due to not getting their marvelous story in the hands of readers.

Despite popular belief, getting published is not as challenging as it may seem. Once you grasp the inner workings of the industry, it becomes quite simple.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re an aspiring author who wants to get their work published. At this very moment, you are in the same position as countless aspiring writers who came before you and countless more who will come after you. You have finally completed the arduous task of writing your debut novel, which you have dedicated years of your life to. With a mix of excitement, happiness, confidence, and readiness, you are setting off on a journey that will lead you through the challenging process of publishing your work. Just like any writer, you know that deep down, you’ve crafted a masterpiece that will delight readers worldwide. The brutal truth of literary publishing crushes an individual’s motivation and prevents the world from enjoying the amazing stories they have to tell.

Please bear with me momentarily as I present the harsh reality of the publishing industry, followed by the positive aspect that will guide you towards achieving success as an author.

Before delving deeper, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the book industry. It functions based on prevailing trends, such as the enduring popularity of vampire romances over several years. Aside from that, celebrity scandal literature reigns supreme, and if your book does not fall within these specific genres, attaining recognition as a published author with a reputable publishing company will pose significant challenges. From an external perspective, the statement may seem unrealistic; however, it originates directly from a reputable literary agent.

The ultimate aspiration of all authors is to have their masterpiece published by a reputable publishing house; however, the likelihood of this dream materializing is exceedingly slim. 

Are you struggling to obtain a traditional publishing contract? Here is why.

The traditional route to becoming an author involves the difficult task of finding a literary agent, as big publishing companies do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. They don’t want to deal with the hassle of going through thousands of manuscripts each month. Conversely, literary agents have taken on the responsibility of finding marketable manuscripts, relinquishing it from the large publishing houses. Having a reputable agent is crucial to gaining entry into established publishing houses, but securing representation can be incredibly challenging. Every month, the agents receive numerous manuscripts that they review, carefully selecting only those that align with their personal literary preferences. Your likelihood of getting signed by a big publishing house diminishes right from the beginning. Out of all the manuscripts submitted in a year, only a mere 2% secure a publishing contract.

The initial step to securing an agent involves writing a “query letter” in which you must effectively pitch your book idea within three concise paragraphs. Failing to grab an agent’s attention with your loglines in the first few sentences can cause your query letter being discarded or placed in the slush pile. I have a fun fact to share with you. It’s rare for agents to actually read your manuscript. Interns review the daily acquisitions, so while you anxiously await a response from an agent that may never arrive, a 19-year-old who is eagerly expecting Friday night to go out and have fun might determine your future. Once you’ve faced fifty rejections, you’ll spend more time refining and perfecting your query letter than actually editing and revising your book.

If, by chance, you get lucky and obtain a literary agent, you will then have to produce a book proposal. There ought to be a dedicated college course that covers everything needed to write book proposals. It’s possible that the book proposal will have a greater number of pages than your book. Major publishing companies prefer authors with a well-established platform, which signifies having a substantial existing fan base to drive sales. Whichever route you decide on, you will be the lone sales representative for your work. When there is no existing product to promote, constructing a platform can be a lengthy endeavor that may span several years. Utilizing sample chapters through social media platforms is crucial for authors to build an audience. However, the lengthy process of gaining enough followers to attract a publisher may result in losing those who were initially interested in your book. Even if your literary work is well-crafted, you won’t secure a contract without a platform and a substantial fan base.

To be completely honest, big publishing companies don’t give a damn about the substance of your book. In the past, they had a sense of pride in what they made. The prioritization of mass sales over good storytelling resulted in the decline of that aspect. The never-ending stream of uninteresting and unappealing books that flood the market has contributed to the decline in book sales over the past few decades. There is a growing gap between publishers, agents, and the reading preferences of the public.

Presently, you are harboring dreams of triumph with your highly acclaimed novel. Regrettably, we must inform you that you are following a well-trodden path, as countless others have done before. In reality, the attainment of a contract with a large firm will swiftly lead to the dissolution of all your aspirations. You will receive a monetary advance ranging from $1,000 to $3,000. Since the publishing firm is unwilling to provide any financial backing, you will need to allocate your advance towards advertising. Additionally, no royalties will be earned until the advance amount has been surpassed. Additionally, through the act of signing with that renowned publishing firm, you will have forfeited the rights to your book. They have acquired ownership of your work. The ultimate content of your interior, formatting, book cover, and price will be determined by a board of directors. Your story will be subject to multiple revisions until it aligns with their vision. The company will produce a small test batch of around 10,000 copies. If your book doesn’t take off immediately, it’s game over. Your book has been scrapped, they have full ownership, and you are left with no options. In the event that your book sells well, the royalty payments you receive will be so minimal that you’ll feel as though you’ve been cheated. Most of the money goes to the publisher, with your agent taking a 15% cut. When your book is sold on Amazon at a discounted rate, they also deduct a significant portion of the royalty. Everyone in line has his or her hand in the pot. Despite your commendable efforts, the expected remuneration per book sold is projected to be less than $1.20. The responsibility of generating sales rests solely upon you, as they will not do so themselves.

Writing your book was the easy part. Now you have to become the salesperson. You do 90% of the work, and everyone else keeps most of the money. Therefore, you must ask yourself, “Then why would I even want to get published by a large, well-known publishing house?Unless you have achieved the status of an established, widely recognized author, the prospect of earning millions, or even thousands, by entrusting your work entirely to a publishing firm is unrealistic.

However, if you choose to publish with Empire Publishing, you will have a superior option. You will be entitled to 100% of your royalties (excluding fees and percentages imposed by retailers such as Amazon) and keep full ownership of your work.

Meanwhile, Self-published books Dominate the Marketplace and Generate Millions of Dollars in Revenue.

It is quite possible that a significant portion of those who are currently reading this have already discerned this information and are now in the process of exploring options for a micro-publisher. Exercise caution while navigating the Internet for potential options, as there are organizations that may attempt to sell you alleged publishing secrets and make false assurances of transforming you into a bestselling author. The majority of these schemes are fraudulent and primarily serve the interests of the scammers themselves, rather than benefiting you. They specifically target individuals who lack familiarity with the publishing industry. In such instances, you may encounter micro-publishers who advertise their acceptance of all genres, refusal of no submissions, and guarantee of no financial burdens on the author. The sales pitch holds great appeal for novice authors; nevertheless, it is vital to bear in mind that if it appears too good to be true, it typically is. Considering that a prominent publishing house mandates authors to establish a platform for sales generation, it raises the question of how a small publisher, typically operated from a residential setting, could successfully sell a book. When it comes down to it, the process of writing a book is not particularly difficult. As an author, it is essential to acknowledge that you will play a crucial role in selling your book, regardless of the publishing company. Therefore, it is vital not to be misled or deceived into thinking otherwise.

The literary publishing industry is undergoing swift and transformative changes. The publishing industry has undergone significant changes, and what was once the norm may no longer be relevant in the near future. Although digital publishing is on the rise, printed books are steadily regaining popularity, ensuring their enduring presence for book enthusiasts. In the past, self-publishing and micro-publishers were looked down upon because of the low quality of their products. However, that is no longer the case. Small publishers are producing books of such high quality that they rival those published by larger publishing houses. Independent publishers are now the ones who are cashing in big time, making significant profits. When selecting a micro-publisher, it is important to be cautious, as there are opportunistic ones that exploit novice authors.

Agents will mislead you by saying that large publishing houses will not offer a contract if you originally self-published. That’s not true! 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James is the perfect example of a self-published success story due to an author’s determination. The book, originally titled “Masters of the Universe,” was self-published as an e-book, showcasing the author’s independent spirit. The overwhelming consensus among reviewers was that it was poorly written, leading to an onslaught of negative feedback. As you know, it eventually became a bestselling novel, captivating readers with its intricate plot and selling a staggering 70 million copies worldwide. Even now, literary agents continue to publicly criticize the book they rejected. This proves that they are disconnected from the type of content that the public is interested in reading.

There is no reason to sit and wait, wasting valuable time as you receive one discouraging rejection after another as you keep changing your proposal, trying to get an agent’s attention. If your aspiration is to be published in the future by a reputable publishing company, we strongly encourage you to persist in your pursuit. It has been falsely claimed that a self-published book is unworthy of attention from major publishers. However, this is not the case, as evidenced by the acceptance of previously self-published works like Fifty Shades of Grey. After your publication, there will be no legal obligations or contracts with Empire Publishing. It is important to remember that you maintain complete ownership of your rights. Empire Publishing is a company that authors have established with the purpose of serving other authors. Having encountered various obstacles, we are here to spare you from unnecessary difficulties.

It is advisable to ensure your manuscript is thoroughly polished prior to publication. This is common knowledge among all writers. It is regrettable that a sizable proportion of individuals find themselves unable to allocate sufficient funds for the purpose of remunerating an editor at a rate of $20 per page, thus rendering self-editing a task of considerable difficulty. Our standard packages include mechanical editing and upgraded packages include advanced editing. Our company provides cost-effective professional copy editing and proofreading services that can be added to any package.

The industry’s ongoing transformation is giving rise to micro-publishers who are gaining significant influence. Nevertheless, a significant number of them have limited manuscript acceptance and overall sales power due to their preference for specific genres. Some overcharge and prey on those that do not have the knowledge of publishing, printing, graphic design, and marketing. Several of them provide unnecessary services that are a waste of money. We believe that a successful business is obtained by upholding honor and delivering excellent service. There are contracts out there that stipulate the author must buy 500 copies of their book. That’s mind-blowing! Using our sources, you don’t need to order a single copy if you choose not to.

Once you have poured your heart and soul into a story, eagerly awaiting to share it with the world, your publishing experience should be a thrilling journey, not a series of letdowns. Our aim is to make your journey hassle-free and gratifying. It’s hard to miss the fact that there is a rapid growth of micro-publishers happening right now. Some are charging exorbitant fees, while others are offering rates so low that they seem too good to be true, which, in most cases, they actually are. We are a group of individuals with expertise in writing and publishing, having gone through numerous experiences in the field. We are here to offer our support every step of the way. Inside our website, you will notice our brutal honestly and not flowery sales pitches to get you to spend money. Our goal is to dominate the self-publishing industry, and we will do so by providing the best services available at a reasonable rate. We are a “Self-Publishing Service Provider” A Literary Service bureau that you can trust, and we will be around for a very long time.

Why are you still waiting? Take some time to explore our website, compare it with others to see what they have to offer, and then allow us to make your dream of becoming a published author come true. We ensure a seamless, efficient, and stress-free experience, and we provide ongoing support to our authors even after their work is published. We are always trying out innovative marketing strategies, and as an Empire Publishing author, you will be the only one with access to that information. When you’re ready, reach out to us, and we’ll set the wheels in motion to ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

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