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Print Interior Style Guides

Most new authors have difficulty in deciding on what text fonts to use. It gets even more confusing to an author if he or she searches the Internet to find what font to use for their book. Empire Publishing is here to help. The most commonly used fonts are Times New Roman and Georgia but have created ten templates for an author to simplify the search for a special font that matches their content. We recommend reviewing each template and choosing the option that best represents your book’s genre and desired look.

Interior Style Guide

Classic, Traditional and Timeless
Recommended genres: Literary Fiction and Memoir

Edgy, Bold and Unexpected
Recommended genres: Thriller, Mystery and Science Fiction

Modern, Clean and Contemporary
Recommended genres: Mind, Body and Spirit, Health and Wellness and General Nonfiction

Whimsical, Fun and Romantic
Recommended genres: Romance and Women’s Literature

When selecting a template, consider your reader. Select a font style that reflects your storyline, genre and tone of your manuscript to enhance your reader’s experience. Review all template options before making your final decision. If you have already chosen a font that is outside of our templates be aware that a request for a special font may incur an additional fee.

Template Style Guide Terms

Body Copy Font: The font used for the majority of your book’s interior text.
Accent Font: A more decorative font used for headings and titles in your book. This font is best used in moderation, and can be a great tool to customize your book for your genre.

Notes about Book Interior Layout and Fonts

All text that appears before your first chapter is considered front matter. The design of all front matter will follow the layout of the introduction section of your selected template.

The body of your manuscript will begin with the first chapter on the right-facing page. All subsequent chapters will start on the next available page.

The layout of your chapter and tiles will be determined by what is included within your manuscript. If you wish to include chapter numbers and chapter titles, please include both within your manuscript.

Within each full-text spread, the author name will appear as the header on the left-hand page and the book title will appear as the header on the right.

Anything included at the end of your manuscript after your last chapter is called back matter. Back matter, other than your author biography, will follow the design and layout of the introduction section of the template

You are not required to use any of the templates and design patterns offered by Empire Publishing If you have build your own design, make sure to notify your publishing representative and embed the fonts into your MS Word manuscript. Custom interiors with specialty fonts and photographs require an extra service fee.

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