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» Postcard Promotion– Postcards are a highly effective and efficient way to reach book buyers. 15PT Card stock is our standard paper stock that is ideal for postcard mailers, handouts, and flyers. 

» Full Editing Service – Empire Publishing performs two rigorous rounds of editing. The first is mechanical using academic software and then personally by editors with a Degree in English.

» Audio Excerpt A professionally recorded audio excerpt from your book and can include music and sound effects to enhance the listening experience.


Included in Titanium Package

120-Second Video Trailer

Custom Website


“I am very happy with Empire Publishing. I Published 6 books with them, and they did everything for me. They edited, and created my book covers and set up my marketing. My personal Author representative was amazing! She helped me with everything, and they made a website for me and added my art work along with my books. They got me set up with so many distributors and now all of my books are being sold all over the world. Thank you Empire Publishing for all you did for me.” – Galina Evangelista (author of Richy Night series, Family Secrets and What Price Freedom)



The Ultimate in Independent Publishing.


Cost: $6,499.00

The Titanium package is for pro authors who are serious about a career in writing.

The Titanium Publishing Package is designed to provide mass exposure for your book. It includes the highest levels of professional production with comprehensive marketing tools, custom website, video trailer, and elaborate Social Media Marketing Campaigns. Titanium is for pro authors who are serious about a career in writing. It includes the best of Empire Publishing services, custom cover, custom interior, expanded distribution, and marketing tools. This package was designed for authors serious about launching a career in writing. The “Titanium” combo-publishing package includes everything needed to produce a professionally manufactured product (your book), establish a solid author platform and market it in a fashion that will produce high royalties. Empire Publishing utilizes the popular Print on Demand and Distribution services.

The “Titanium” package includes all trim sizes. For a list of all available book trim sizes click here.

Professional/Enhanced/Custom Interior Formatting – This is for authors that want to add a unique look to the interior of his or her book by using specialty fonts, images, and graphics that will provide a personal experience to the reader. This requires extensive formatting and many hands-on hours, but the final outcome is a superb product. Black and White or Full-Color interior. Learn more

Academic Editing¹ – Your manuscript receives a treatment with the leading academic software and corrects sentence structure, spelling errors, improper punctuation, indents and line spacing. Learn more

ISBN/Barcode – An ISBN identifies a title’s edition. Learn more

Premium Book Cover¹ -An exceptional cover is a must for any book. Award-winning designers from Disney and Paramount. Learn More

Hardcover – Superior quality worthy of inclusion at bookstores and libraries. Learn more

Trade Paperback – High quality that meets industry standards. Learn more

Kindle eBook Edition – Professional formatting and distribution on Amazon. Learn more

Nook eBook Edition – Professional formatting and distribution on Barnes and Noble. Learn more

Placement of up to 20 black and white or full-color interior images (supplied by the author).

Your own Author Representative who provides support throughout the publishing process. Learn more

Press Release – Our Press Release company is the industry-leading press release distribution service with over 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations. Guaranteed Placements on 250+ Media Sites. Learn more

Worldwide Distribution – with Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, and major online booksellers and national distributors. Learn more

Expanded Distribution -.Libraries and Academic Institutions – make your book available through Baker & Taylor to public libraries, elementary and secondary libraries, and libraries at other academic institutions. Learn more

Expanded (S) Distribution – Mass distribution through digital retailers such as Apple iBooks. Learn more

Get Into Bookstores – Ingram catalog listing. Learn more

Marketing Assistant – Your marketing assistant will diligently work on developing a solid foundation for your author platform to support and market your writing. Learn more

Author Website – Custom website³ that includes domain name registration, hosting, and SEO on Google and Bing. Learn more

Video Trailer – 120-second video trailer³ representing the interior and announcing the release of your book. Hosted on Youtube and can be embedded on websites and social media. Great for building an author platform. Learn more

Copyright Protection – Protects you from copyright infringement. Learn more

Library of Congress – Makes your book available to libraries. Learn more

Amazon “Look Inside” and Google Preview service gives readers a sneak peek of your book. Learn more

Barnes and Nobel “Read Instantly” – This feature gives readers a sneak peek of your book and is included in all publishing packages that contain e-book formatting. Learn more

Social Media Marketing – get your book in the public eye and on the right path to selling your title to the proper target market on 6 major outlets. Learn more

 Sell Sheets – 25 Premium Sell Sheets (includes layout and design). Learn more

 Electronic Press Kit – A press kit makes it easier for media outlets to gather quickly and efficiently the information about your book, and about the author. Learn more

100 Custom Bookmarks – Custom designed bookmarks featuring the book cover and author information. Learn more

Book Tour – a large network of Social Media platforms to gain more exposure for the release of an author’s book. Learn more

 Placement on Front Table of New Books – Empire Publishing’s online bookstore. Learn more

10 free copies of your book.

1 – Three rounds of corrections/changes. Each correction/change afterward will be billed at $25 per round.
2 – Over 20 images, add $25 per image.
3 – One round of corrections/changes. Each correction/change afterward will be billed at $40 per round.

Highly complex manuscripts, such as children’s books, cookbooks, poetry, and textbooks present design challenges require custom services.

If you have questions about your manuscript’s requirements, or which service is best for your book, please call on of our local representative (see above menu) Call our Author Representative 702-292-4638.


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Standard in all Publishing Packages

No Contract
100% Royalties
Retain All Rights
Interior Style Guide
Account Services
Empire Bookstore

The Supreme Publishing Package
Upgrade to the Diamond combo-Publishing Package
The only book publishing package available from any publisher that submits to Wal-Mart.


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