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Regardless of fast moving technological advances and the popularity of eBook readers, the printed book will never cease to exist. Most avid readers have a love affair with the printed book. They feel it is a more personal experience with the feel of the pages, the smell of the ink and aesthetically pleasing. It is simply superior to the digital book in look and feel. A printed book allows creativity with fonts, layout, graphics and photographs were the digital books fall short. The love for printed books is not only that of elder generations, but it is seen through a survey showing that many of the youth today would rather have a printed book in their hands to read. Even as large bookstore chains have toppled over the past decade, the printed book is still holding its ground in sales. The Association of America Publishers reported that printed book sales are growing instead of falling in sales as it did in previous years. However, indie authors are making enormous amounts of money publishing electronically for digital reading devices, and theses reading devices are rapidly growing in popularity. A buyer can download a book in a matter of minutes and read it at their leisure on these electronic devices which now includes the smartphones. Digital publishing is no longer an option–it’s a requirement. A serious author utilizes both formats to his or her full potential for maximum sales.

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