Print on Demand

In the past, an author needed a contract with a large publisher to get books printed. Before online retailers came into play, books were done in large print runs started at 10,000 copies. Books needed to be warehoused and available for brick and mortar bookstores. A major drawback to this was unsold and returned books that took a toll on the author’s royalties and created a loss of profits for the publisher.

Those days are gone and the risk of losing an investment has been minimized. No longer is there a need to produce and warehouse thousands of books. Utilizing the latest in digital printing and modern logistics, indie authors can sell their printed book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and dozens of other stores.

Your book will be printed on-demand, after a customer orders, using the latest digital printing technology available, and then delivered to their doorstep.

Many online publishers require you to initially purchase 25 copies or more. Empire doesn’t require you to order a single copy and your book is made available worldwide for purchase. Your book will be available for sale online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, both domestically and globally.

Book is Purchased 

Customers order and pay for your book online through stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wholesale book networks.

Book is Printed 

Your book is printed, bound and package the order—even if it’s just one copy. 

Book is Shipped 

Your books are shipped directly to the customer within 5 business days.

You Get Paid 

Printing and selling costs are deducted and you are paid 100% of the net sales.

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