Legacy Memoir Gift Kits

Empire Publishing offers a first to the general public. The “Legacy” Memoir kit is a professional, bookstore-quality printed book designed for anyone to leave their legacy to the world or just to share stories of love, family, and friends. Your personal memoir will be numbered in the series and be available at Amazon.com  Where your family and friends will be able to purchase copies at an amazingly low printer cost (approximately $3.80 per book in black and white – full color is more). Copies houses, such as Staples, charge five times as much to print a low-quality version that does not even include a cover or perfect binding. Not to mention, you have to do all the work and need extensive knowledge in graphic design. The “Legacy” Memoir kit is a real, high-grade book suitable for bookstores. Our editors and designers assemble your story into a book to be proud to call your own. These make wonderful and unique gifts that are keepsakes that will last forever. Preserve your personal history for your children and grandchildren. Will you be forgotten or will you leave your legacy (in print)? You can add full-color drawings, pictures, scans of letters or any images you want to tell your story.

Empire Publishing has pre-designed 5 Memoir Kits such as Loving Memories #1 that is for special moments such as periods of time when children were growing up. The sample here shows a Loving Memory that a father has with drawings made by his daughter. Incorporated is a story-line and photographs that correspond with that of the little girl’s artwork. Heartwarming tender memories that a father can share with his daughter for lifetime. A legacy to be cherished and remember for a very long time.

Price $240.

 Kit #1 “Loving Memories”

loving memory 1

Your legacy will be available for the world to see which means you will live on forever. So many wonderful memories are forgotten in time. Now you and others can enjoy those memories together. You can opt out of being published publicly and just order books for your private use.

Kit #2 “Love”

memoir kit 2

Empire Publishing was first built on books about love and we continue to promote stories of real love. The Legacy – Loving Memories Kit #2 “Romance and Love” is a perfect way to share your love story. This package also makes for a unique one of a kind gift for any man or woman to give the one they love.

Kit #3 “Family”

memoir 4

The “Family” memoir is for a history of current and past family members to be enjoyed by future generations. It’s nice to know where you came from in a detailed storyline.

Kit #4 “Memoir”

memoir kit 3

Is there a specific family member or person you would like to write about and tell their story? Is there someone so special in your life that you would like their memory to last through the ages? This is the kit for you.

Kit #5 “My Life”

memoir 5

Tell your story! Here is where you can allow others into your mind to see your thoughts, feel your love and pain. Let others know who you really are inside.


Begin by picking out the theme of you memoir by choosing from kit 1 through 5. You have a choice between the pre-designed covers or any solid/fade color that are included in the package. If you want a more personal cover, check out our cover options for an extra fee.



Choose the size of your book. We only offer two sizes for the Legacy Memoir Kits. The minimum requirement for printing is 25 pages. The Memoir Kit includes up to 36 pages in the package. If you need more, there is an extra charge of $20 per every ten extra pages. Choose your book size below and download the MS Word template. If you don’t have MS Word, that is not a problem. We will instruct you how to e-mail us your interior.


Your personal memoir comes with full color interior. You can add up to 25 photographs or images that are included in the price. If you want to add more pictures or images there is an added charge of $5.00 per picture. All images must be no less than 300 dpi. If you need us to scan them for you, send us your images. There will be an addition fee of $1.00 per scan plus return postage.

Book Sizes

Book Size 5.25″ x 8″ 
Book Size 6″ x 9″

Download the Free Templates

Template – 5.25 x 8

Template – 6 x 9 

Ordering Books

To keep the cost of this service so incredibly low, you are required to order a minimum of 5 books. After the initial order, you can purchase as many books that you want or none at all. No royalties are paid on the Loving Memories memoirs.

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